Friday, 25 May 2012


It is barbeque season :) You probably already know that you can't cook gluten free food on a glutened grill. Maybe you can be careful enough by wrapping your gluten free food up in tinfoil to cook it on a shared grill, but it depends what you're comfortable with. You'd want to be careful that the outside of the tinfoil wasn't put onto the plate you are eating other food off of, and make sure that the tinfoil doesn't get punctured...Personally, that all makes me a bit uncomfortable. Something that I hadn't thought of before this month is gluten in charcoal. Are you using a charcoal barbeque? Did you know that some companies use wheat as the binding agent? This can get onto your food!

I contacted Kingsford (the brand we've been using) earlier this month to find out if there is gluten in their charcoal. In their response they indicated that Kingsford Charcoal is gluten free. Phew!

Just one more thing to be aware of!

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