Monday, 25 June 2012

Lazy Pickle

An Ottawa deli called Lazy Pickle has recently started offering gluten free sandwiches and paninis! They have a grocery area with all gluten free foods. I asked them recently about what precautions they take to ensure that the gluten free deli offerings are free from cross-contamination and I got back one of the best responses ever.
Thank you for your questions. We have a separate counter where we prepare our gluten free sandwiches and paninis. All of our utensils, panini press, cloths, and sink are all separate. Staff wash their hands regularly and wear gloves when making GF food. We have a completely separate fridge as well that only GF ingredients get stored in at all times.

We have researched all of the ingredients that go into our sauces and sandwiches/paninis and have spoken with manufacturers at length regarding how the products are made ensuring that they are made on separate GF lines. We even have some letters from some of the manufacturers certifying that their products are made in a certified GF facility.

This being said, we take every precaution to prevent cross contamination but we can not guarantee 100% that there will be no exposure to gluten as our main menu is not gluten free.

It is *always* a risk to eat out, but it sounds like Lazy Pickle is doing everything they can to make it safe!

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