Monday, 10 October 2011

Eden Foods

Eden Foods has a great selection of gluten free foods available, including canned beans, chili, condiments & sweeteners, soy milk, juices, oils & vinegars, pasta, snack foods, supplements, tomatoes and more. I am very impressed with the detail about gluten free foods that they provide on their website, and the company in general. Here are a few quotes:

What We Do
Provide the cleanest, most nutritious foods & accurate information about them, their uses and benefits.

Why We Do It
To have good food for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and to make it available to you and yours.

Are you getting that warm and fuzzy feeling yet? If you're not quite there yet, keep reading. Here is their detailed statement on gluten free products:

What Eden Foods means by 'Gluten Free' is:

1. Eden's full ingredient disclosure, and requirement of such from all secondary suppliers assures that there are no ingredients that contain, nor are derived from wheat or any other gluten-containing grain.

2. Eden Foods is highly proactive toward food safety, sanitation, and the prevention of allergen cross contamination as exemplified by our ongoing participation with food safety programs such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Point) and AIB International audits.

3. Eden routinely tests for gluten in foods that are listed as 'gluten free'. Our gluten free confidence is not solely based on testing, but also on good manufacturing practices and meticulous handling.

4. Occasionally Eden Foods changes ingredients or suppliers and this may affect the 'Wheat Free' or 'Gluten Free' status of our products. If this should occur we immediately update our "Wheat Free and Gluten Free List" to reflect any change.

5. While extremely unlikely, it is conceivable that EDEN products listed as 'gluten free' could become affected with miniscule amounts of gluten. Please use common sense depending upon your level of sensitivity and feel free to contact us about specific Eden foods.

For a full list of Eden's gluten free products you can visit their website.

Shop at or and support Gluten Free Bumble Bee.

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