Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Here is the response I received from Odwalla concerning gluten in their products:
Thank you for contacting The Voice of Odwalla. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to our loyal consumers.

The beverages that do not contain gluten are:

Apple Juice
Blueberry B Superfood
Citrus C Monster
Berries Go Mega
Orange Juice
Pomegranate Limeade
Protein Monster Chocolate
Protein Monster Strawberry
Protein Monster Vanilla
Red Rhapsody
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry C Monster
Strawberry Lemonade
Summertime Lime
Super Protein Original
Super Protein Pumpkin

Odwalla beverages that contain gluten:

Serious Energy
Superfood Original
Super Protein Vanilla Almondo

Odwalla beverages that do not have a gluten status right now:

Carrot Juice -organic
Carrot Juice-conventional
Lemonade Base
Lime Juice
Lemon Juice
Mango Tango
Pink Poetry

All of the Odwalla bars are NOT gluten free.

Be assured that our plants have policies and procedures in place to identify the top 8 allergens and take the steps necessary to eliminate risks associated with the cross contamination of allergen and non-allergen containing products.

If you have any additional comments, please feel free to contact us again.

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