Sunday, 20 November 2011

Morris National

I'm still catching up with some companies who produce Halloween candies to find out if they are gluten free or not. I recently received this response from Morris National - it's the Just For Fun candy necklaces, bracelets and watches I was really wondering about, but the rest is good for future reference as well.

Here is what they said:

Here's a list of gluten free items:
  • Marshies Pink and White marshmallows 200g bags
  • Marshies Neapolitan Twists marshmallows 200g
  • Sour Tongue Tinglers 1kg bag, 300 ct tub, 60 ct tub
  • Sour Tongue Tinglers Bombs 150ct
  • Marshies Hallow Mallow Marshmallows 300ct
  • Gummy Zone Hot Dogs 60ct
  • Gummy Zone Mini Burgers 60ct
  • Gummy Zone Sour Mini Burgers 60ct
  • Just For Fun candy necklaces, bracelets and watches
  • Tangy Zangy Cubes
All of the above are free of gluten (wheat, rye, oats and barley) and free from gluten cross-contamination.

Shop at or and support Gluten Free Bumble Bee.

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