Monday, 12 September 2011

Booster Juice

One of the hardest things about being gluten free is eating out. We really need to plan ahead to make sure we never end up stuck in a situation where we are hungry and don't have easy access to gluten free food. I always make sure I have a gluten free snack in my purse, but it is also really helpful to have an awareness of which products are gluten free at various chains.

I recently looked into which products are Booster Juice are gluten free. In their FAQ document they state:

All of our Booster Juice Smoothies and Juices are gluten free. However, the Fiber Booster, Fusion
Booster and Wilderness Booster have gluten products in them and should be avoided.

Always let the staff know of your concerns and make sure that the blender they're using has been cleaned well. We visited Booster Juice this morning for the first time since going gluten free and the staff were very helpful. They assured me that there would be no cross contamination and that the blenders are all cleaned and sanitized immediately after use.

We enjoyed a Mango Hurricane Smoothie...delicious!

Shop at or and support Gluten Free Bumble Bee.

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