Monday, 12 September 2011

Phase 2 - Remove the Obvious Gluten

Phase 1 was all about setting you up to eat safely right away - we've all gotta eat! Now that the basics are covered let's move on to some more serious work.

The next step is to remove the obvious gluten from your house. Clean off a nice big space on your kitchen counter and start going through your cupboards. Clean out all of the gluten pasta, flours, cereals, breadcrumbs etc. Look at every item. Read labels. If you see "wheat", "rye", "oats", or "barley" on the ingredient list or may contains statement, out it goes. If there is no label and you're just not sure, out it goes. Throw out, give away or donate all of your gluten as soon as you can.

Once you've cleared out some space in the cupboards, move all of your processed foods to one section (possible cross contamination) and leave another section free for foods that you confirm are safe.

Follow the same process for all of your fridge and freezer foods, your pantry or cold-storage room.

Once you have the obvious gluten out of the house start contacting companies to find out if the processed foods that you have left are safe or not. Removing the obvious gluten from your house is a big enough task for one day though. We'll talk about contacting companies in an upcoming post!

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