Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kinnikinnick Foods Pancake and Waffle Mix (and more)

The first time I tried Kinnikinnick Foods Pancake and Waffle Mix I was ready with one of my two typical responses for gluten free foods...either "That is terrible." or "That is edible!". I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the Kinnikinnick pancakes were delicious - as delicious, or more delicious, than any gluten-containing pancake I had eaten in the past. These are THE BEST pancakes I have ever had. I ordered some mix on the spot, being concerned that if I let the opportunity pass I would never see them again.

Since then I have tried Kinnikinnick Foods' Cinnamon Sugar Donuts (great!), Personal Size Pizza Crust (a sweet, chewy crust able to win anyone over), White Sandwich Bread (a great option), KinniToos Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies (I love being able to give BoyBee a "normal" treat that other kids can eat, and he loves them), and Kinnikinnick Original Homestyle Waffles (these first gave me hope that gluten free waffles could be good!).

Kinnikinnick certainly knows how to make gluten free taste good, and I would like to thank them for bringing many classic gluten-containing foods back into our household. Kinnikinnick has filled much of the void so that we don't feel like we are "living without". In addition, all Kinnikinnick products are nut free, and most of them are casein free, opening up their potential customer base to quite a large number of people. If stores near you do not carry Kinnikinnick products don't be scared to place an order online - you won't be disappointed!

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