Monday, 19 September 2011

GoGo Quinoa 3 Grains Pancake Mix

Today I made Gogo Quinoa 3 Grains Pancake Mix at lunch...Although they are not my favorite gluten free pancakes, they were quite good and their nutritional value blew me away. That is worth a lot in my household.

I try to find a balance between taste and nutrition. It is difficult to find something that tastes amazing, but that is also good for you. These pancakes still tasted good (BoyBee gobbled them up like he would any other pancake) and I will definitely be keeping this mix stocked in my house. It feels great to feed my family something so nutritious. Take a look:

I also love that there are only four ingredients in the mix: Organic brown rice flour, organic quinoa flour, organic buckwheat flour, organic red and/or white quinoa flakes. Nice and simple.

Shop at or and support Gluten Free Bumble Bee.

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