Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Why We're Extreme

When we first suspected that BoyBee had an issue with gluten we tried keeping him on a gluten free diet while the rest of us ate gluten. We were careful about crumbs and were meticulous about washing the counters and floors if we did any baking. Over time we learned that if it was in the house we wouldn't be able to keep him 100% gluten free, no matter how hard we tried. Keep in mind that he was less than a year old when we started.

Over the course of about 6 months we went from "being careful" with gluten in the house, to eating our baguettes and cheese outside after BoyBee was in bed, to not bringing it into our house or yard at all. Not only was it too difficult to keep it completely separate, we wanted our son to know that our home was a safe place for him. We wanted him to be able to open the cupboards or fridge to search for a snack and not worry about gluten. We wanted him to be able to use the two-second rule like all the other children. We use every opportunity to teach him how to stay gluten free outside of the house, but at home he can relax.

All this to say…we are a bit extreme with some of the measures we have taken in the transition to gluten free. We tried doing it half way and it just wasn't good enough. You must decide how far you are willing to go. For Boy Bee we did, and still do, everything we can.

On this blog I will guide you through the process we followed. It can be an overwhelming task to go gluten free but I will break it down into phases. You can tackle it all at once or you can work on it over time. You can go all out, or you can stick to basics, depending on your situation.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a link to How to Go Gluten-Free by gluten-free goddess. It is a very comprehensive guide and the one that I found most helpful when I was getting started. Grab a cup of gluten free tea before you get start reading - she covers A LOT of information in the article.

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