Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Welcome to Gluten Free Bumble Bee!

I am starting this blog to share my experiences with others. I found that cutting gluten out of  my life was a very daunting task and through this blog I hope to make it easier for at least one person. I have been a part of the gluten free world for the past year and a half and finally feel like I have a good grasp of it.

My son, we'll call him BoyBee, started reacting to gluten the first time he was exposed to it at 6 months of age. It took us a while to piece all of the clues together but through trial and error, and keen observation, we are very confident that he has a severe gluten intolerance, and quite possibly celiac disease. Those first few bites of oat cereal were enough to turn him off of eating for a month and he lost quite a bit of weight. Given his strong reaction to small amounts of gluten PapaBee and I are not comfortable putting him through a gluten challenge at this young of an age. He is now two years old and has been on a strict gluten free diet for the past year.

As soon as "celiac disease" or "gluten intolerance" come up in conversation (which is surprisingly frequent) people are always asking me for more information. Co-workers have been asking, friends have been asking, and I'm sure there are many of you out there who are searching for more information. I will be posting loads of information on this blog about how to convert to gluten free living, reviewing gluten free foods, making book recommendations, and sharing recipes (many of which are even better than their gluten counterparts).

So stay tuned!

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